About Us

About us

We are a team passionate about what we do.  Our purpose is to give continuity to businesses generating savings and value, providing a great experience to our customers.

We love to innovate, learning every day to do things in the best way, simple and efficiently.

We always work with the clear objective of solving our client’s needs.

What do we do?

We give continuity to businesses providing solutions to support our customers.

We have a wide inventory of products and the best infrastructure to provide you with exceptional service.

We have a fleet of mobile workshops with a team of professionals with extensive experience to offer you adequate solutions to your requirements.

Our Services

Mobile workshop and maintenance service

• Mobile service inside and outside the city.
• Installation of quality products.
• Skilled labor.
• Equipment and specialized tool.
• Technical advice.
• Cost optimization.


• Repair of the suspension, spring system and its components.
• Restoration of springs for light, heavy and light heavy vehicles.
• Mounting and dismounting of Hendrickson suspension bushings.

Brake Blocks Riveting

• Riveting brake blocks in our workshops.
• Collection and home delivery.
• Stock of riveted brake blocks for exchange.


• Check and charge of batteries, to extend the useful life of the batteries keeping them in optimal conditions and offering preventive recommendations.
• Home visit for preventive evaluation of batteries in use.
• Diagnosis of current status.
• Cargo review service in our workshop.
• Advice from our team certified by the manufacturer of the fleet batteries with reporting to see areas for improvement.